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Testimonial – Megan

We spent a lot of time looking for the right student care for Megan in the vicinity of her primary school. After visiting countless after-school care, we decided that MCP is the perfect place for her. Megan loves MCP the moment she stepped into the centre. Miss Juliana was awesome. She spent time to share with us the curriculum and how she and her team of teachers go about guiding and coaching the students at her centre. It is a holistic balance between academic and play. The overall environment and setup of the centre is cozy and spacious.

Megan really enjoyed her time at the centre. Everyone at the centre is kind and friendly and she eased herself into the environment from day 1 and made many new friends. She enjoys the mid-afternoon mediation sessions which help to improve her concentration. She is exposed to new medium of learning and the emphasis from the teachers at the centre on practicing what she learns from school help to enforce her joy of learning.

The meals at the center are nutritious and tasty. Miss Juliana believes that healthy meals bring out healthy body and mind. We are very happy with the decision that we have made to place Megan at MCP.

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