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Teaching Science to Young Children in MCP Student Care Centre

School holidays are just round the corner. MCP Student Care Centre will take advantage of any opportunity to bring extra curriculum to our children to enrich their childhood learning.  In the spring holiday, we organized an Easter Science Camp in the MCP River Valley studio.

Young children, learn best through hands-on science, or simply “doing”.

Because children are naturally very curious and love to experiment, the years of early childhood provide a perfect opportunity to help children develop a love for learning and especially a love for science. By providing plenty of opportunities for children to experience things in a hands-on way, it encourages and increases their curiosity and soon everything they encounter becomes an important science investigation!

These are the program highlights:

Fizz, Boom, Bang Science
Everything you want to know about chemical reaction! A lot of hands-on experiments and new knowledge. One hour of activity with an experienced science teacher that is fully hands-on for all children.
Our World in 100 years
Everyone wants to know how our world will look in 100 years. Together with an experienced scientist, children will travel in time and check several theories of future world development.
Chemical Battle
A team competition for young scientists. Children apply their knowledge, and mix and identify chemical elements and observe the amazing reactions.
Volcano Egg
Easter hands-on experiment, where children will learn about volcanos and will paint an egg with the help of a chemical reaction.
Egg Drop Challenge
Calling all inspired engineers! Create a super machine, to protect an egg while landing.
Easter Quiz
Know a lot about science? Space or animals? Be ready to take part in a super quiz and win a prize.
Slime for Everyone
Children will prepare chemical slime and take it home with them!

It’s a fun learning experience for all our students in the MCP Student Care Centre (River Valley L3 Studio).

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