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Talk On Preventing Child Sexual Abuse In MCP Student Care Centre

I think that talking to our children about sexual abuse is one of the most unpleasant aspects of parenting and as teacher in the student care centre. We don’t want to scare them, yet we must prepare them. We want to protect them from the horrors of molestation or fall into the trap of the internet predators, yet even contemplating bringing up the subject can make us feel as if we’re stripping away the purity of their innocence.

As children is growing up, it’s also important to educate them what is normal and abnormal sexual behavior. This is also another topic that most parents find it challenging to manage.

MCP Student Care Centre has invited an experience psychologist, Ms Camellia Wong, from InPsychful (click to see Camellia’s profile) to give our students and their parents a talk on the above topic.

Contents for the parent’s session are:

1) Good Touch VS Bad Touch

  • What is Good Touch VS Bad Touch?
  • How can parents explain it to their children?
  • When should parents be concerned?

2) Child Sexualised Behaviours

  • Normal VS Abnormal sexualised behaviours in children
  • Age-appropriate behaviours
  • Red Flag Behaviours and how to address them

3) Where can parents seek help if they are unsure if their child was touched inappropriately?

4) Q & A

Talk for the Children

1) Good Touch VS Bad Touch

2) Normal VS Abnormal sexualised behaviours in children

3) Age-appropriate behaviours

*All media materials shown to children are in cartoon form, are child friendly, and appropriate. No sex organs/ private parts or sex abuse (i.e., videos/images that suggest molestation, rape, sexual assault etc.) will be shown to the children.

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