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Special Pilates Program provided to My Childhood Place Student Care Centre’s Students

The Moving Body Group, which has one of their three outlets in River Valley (off River Valley Road) has tailored a special pilates program for My Childhood Place Student Care Centre’s (MCP) students. The program is specifically designed for young children aged between 7 and 12 years-old. All MCP Student Care Centre’s students receive a special rate.

It’s a trend in a more advanced economy society that children do not get enough exercise. Lack of exercise can have many negative effects. In addition to being more likely to be overweight, children who don’t get enough exercise have weaker muscles and bones than children who exercise regularly.

While the popularity of Pilates among adults is well chronicled, a pilates exercise program also offers a large range of benefits to children, including aiding in cardiovascular and general fitness. This is important for children as their bodies are still developing. It improves a child’s posture and spinal alignment as exercises increase the strength and flexibility of the abdominal and inner muscles of the body (the core or trunk). It promotes toned, sleek bodies and improves athletic performance. Through Pilates, children can gain awareness of their body, and learn how to move efficiently and gracefully. As children grow, their bodies are in a constant state of change and development.

For those who are not MCP students but are interested to join the class, please contact Moving Body Group* for further information.

*Moving Body Group is situated in the same campus (Herencia, off River Valley Road) as MCP Student Care Centre.

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