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Multicultural (Mooncake Festival)

Many students in MCP after school student care centre are international and it’s an ideal environment to exposure children to multiculturalism.

Raising children in a multicultural environment makes them more tolerant and to appreciate differences and students are more willing to experiment with new things, and will feel at ease with a diverse groups of friends.

MCP student care centre takes the opportunity to educate our students about the culture of mooncake festival – the Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese: 中秋節, Vietnamese: Tết Trung Thu), also known as the Lantern or Mooncake Festival. The legend of Chang-E is told in both Chinese and English and our teachers prepare the materials for our students to make mooncake by themselves.

It is always a fun session in learning how to prepare food, learning the culture as well as enjoying the food that students prepare by themselves. It’s part of our life-skill teaching program in MCP after school student care centre.

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