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MCP Student Care Centre Setup a New Studio

We decided our second studio (MCP L3Studio) would be in the same building, @Herencia. The location offers a secure and safe environment for our students. There are plenty of carpark places which facilitate easy pickup by parents at the end of the day as well as safety off load of students from our dedicated school bus.

A Home feel Studio concept

Our first studio (MCP-L2Studio) is located at level 2 Herencia and is a showcase for the Home and Studio concept. It’s now the master design for many of our competitors to follow. Our design concept encourages interaction and communication between students. Our students’ parents witness the progress of their children, with both their academy results and their socializing skills.

The new studio MCP-L3Studio retains the same Home and Studio concept as MCP-L2Studio with a fresh look. It’s situated at level 3 of the same building. Our award wining ID designer carefully crafted every corner of the space to achieve an environment to encourage student-teacher interactions and to be a peaceful space to complete their homework.

While others may copy the look and the setup of our concept, but what is difficult to copy is the passion in our teachers, the system to motivate peer to peer collaboration, instilling self-discipline, and the student leading student methodology. Our students are living in a study paradise!

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