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Lighting control in Student Care Centre

At My Childhood Place Education Centre (off River Valley Road), we take care of details that can have positive effects on our students’ studies.

In 1995, Dr. Ellen Mannel Grangaard, presenting at the Association for Childhood Education International Study Conference and Exhibition, found that fluorescent light contributed to off task behavior, such as daydreaming, playing with objects instead of listening, and talking to others during a lesson. A University of Georgia study also supports Dr. Grangaard’s findings. Students whose learning environment had softer, more natural lighting had an easier time staying on task and not becoming distracted.

However, lighting that is too dim can cause difficulties in learning, such as affecting brain focus and visual clarity when reading. It also can lower psychological well-being over time. My Childhood Place Education Centre designed our lighting, which meets IES standards, to apply the dynamic lighting concept.

Dynamic Lighting
Various universities’ research shows that dynamic lighting has a positive effect on student concentration. (University of Twente, Department of Consumer Psycology, The Netherlands). Dynamic Lighting varies the light intensity based on the type of student activities. Our lighting system is designed to change the light intensity during the lunch, recess, and revision periods. This can create an upbeat feeling when students arrive in a brighter environment, and give their brains a chance to relax with a softer intensity during recess. This avoids over stimulating our students’ brains to achieve the best study concentration results.

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