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Fun learning cooking classes in MCP Student Care Centre

Cooking skills are one of the life-skills series that MCP Student Care Centre plans to share with our students. Cooking is a great way for children to foster their creativity, communication and responsibility. It’s also one of the best ways to educate children to eat healthily.

We are honoured to welcome William Gibb, Director of Thrive Foodie Singapore, to conduct a four-lesson cooking series for our MCP Students.  William has over 30 years experience and has been the Chief Chef in a number of hotels and restaurants in Scotland.

The classes will cover kitchen safety, learning about healthy food, and how to be creative in food presentation. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy the food that they have prepared.

The best way to encourage children to eat healthily is to teach them how to cook and to appreciate food.

The classes will be divided into four sessions, conducted in My Childhood Place Student Care Centre on each Friday throughout the school summer break.

Day 1

Introduction to kitchen safety and kitchen tools, setting up your table, demonstration on how to make chocolate cake.

Day 2

Demonstration on sweet pastry, making your own tart, vanilla pastry cream, cutting tropical fruits, assembling your own tart, fruit smoothies fruit coulis and plate decoration.

Day 3

Preparing basic cookie dough and bake, pin wheel cookies, chocolate frosting and glazing, chocolate crispies, smores tower, marshmallows and strawberry skewers. Design your own cookie.

Day 4

Chicken popsicles, goujons of chicken, sweet tomato-chutney, honey mustard, tortilla chips, cucumber salad, egg fried rice, cup-cake competition – design two cupcakes – 45 mins.

Address: My Childhood Place Student Care Centre, L3 Studio, 46 Kim Yam Road, #03-01 Singapore.

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