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Making friends (and keeping them) are important life skills to have. We teach MCP students that having good friends will help to make them happy. Friendships can be developed within families, in neighborhoods, in schools, and in our student care centre.

  1. We explain what a good friend does:
  • Remember important things (birthdays, accomplishments, etc.).
  • Are reliable.
  • Do kind things for others
  • Uses kind language.
  • Helps when a friend is sad or has a problem.
  • Likes to spend time with their friends.
  • Have fun with their friends.
  1. Team building activities and group games help develop friendships.

Team games are organized to foster cooperation amongst students and to learn to appreciate and accommodate each other.

  1. Teach kids how to converse in a polite way.

It all begins with appreciating their parents, their teachers and their friends when they receive assistance from them.

  1. Awarding the role model.

We observe our students behaviour and frequently select students who use kind language, are proactive in helping others, respect their teachers and award students with  a Certificate of Appreciation.

Having strong relationships with their friends in our after school care centre is one of the many factors that help children live a happier life. We are proud to teach children this important life skill at our MCP Student Care Centre.


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