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When Your Child Needs Tuition?

When you (and we in the Student Care Centre) discovered your child is lost in a haze of elementary grammar rules, sinking fast in a jumble of triangle law, means they need help quickly, before they fall way behind the class and never recover.

Many parents simply send their children to the “best” tuition centre in town, but was later discover that their children did not achieve the expected results.

The tuition can become counter productive because it has subjected the student to long hours of learning on the subject that they dislike, which further deteriorate their interest in studying.  Intensive tuition could also result in altering the learning attitudes of students.  They pay less attention in school since they think they always have their tutor to depend on.

Our tutors know well of the above negative factors, they aim to help the child rebuild their interest and confident in learning when coaching them.  They carefully evaluate each student in the first few lessons to determine what level of help the kid needs.  Does he/she needs homework help, intensive remediation, or something in between?  What is the child’s learning style? Does he/she learn best by reading, listening, moving, and touching? Does he/she need lots of nurturing or a firm hand, and what motivates and interests him/her?

Our tutors regularly feedback to the parents on his/her progress and learning attitude, this is our way of helping children to achieve good grades in their school examinations.

Making Maths easy for Children

Some children love maths, but for many others, maths is a chore they have to struggle through, and for some, maths is the cause of worry that keeps them up at night.

We hear all the time how maths is crucial for academic success, and for that matter, dealing with the demands of modern technological life. “Do well in maths and you’ll do well in school, and in your job.” Therefore, subconsciously, many parents are pressuring their children to get good test results in Mathematics. This has increased the anxiety of their children.  Unfortunately, when students are anxious about maths, they typically perform at a level that is below their actual abilities.

Our teachers make learning maths interesting and fun. We use a relaxing environment, games, and show students the relevance of maths in daily life. We know well that children are turned off when they don’t see a purpose for what they’re learning, so it’s important to constantly show them how maths is useful in real life.

We can provide small group mathematics tuition or 1 on 1 tuition if required.  Come visit us and see how we can help your child with his/her maths problem.

English Creative Writing

Our teachers create materials to target areas where we know students find most challenging.  We believe in encouraging children to interact with their tutor and peers at our centre allows them an edge in school’s oral, comprehension and composition activities.

Creative writing is a good way to encourage children to express their feelings. It helps them to clarify their own ideas and beliefs, and discover what they know or think about a topic.  This produces best results if it’s guided along with teacher’s passion and patience.

Our teachers make use of pictures, mind maps or events which children are familiar with to encourage them to express themselves.  For example, students will have a chance to write about a character in the picture, the character’s physical description, background, with their imagination.  We teach words that enables children to describe the five senses: touch, taste, sound, sight and smell and the importance of observation when writing.  We’ll also talk about how reading could improve their skill in communication and expressing themselves.  Gradually, students are guided to understand that to excel writing, there will be a plot with a problem to solve. Our creative class is well structured and students would be confident with the flow of writing from the beginning to the end

To encourage children to become a confident writers, we need to approach it with:

Reading: Reading from a variety of genres and various different topics is a good way to expose them to find ideas and interests.
Vocabulary: Developing their vocabularies helps children assert their identity and their place in the world.
Giving them time:  Allow children to slow down and take time for processing. Encourage them to create a routine of writing every day.
Environment: The place must feel comfortable, good lighting and guidance from the teacher.

Visit us to discuss how we can help your child to start on their journey to become a creative writer.

Chinese Foundation Class 华文基础班

Chinese Foundation Class

This is an intensified and customized Chinese foundation program targeted at beginner, primary 1 and 2 student. This class emphasize on reading and vocabulary building to cultivate interest and equip student with the ability to complete Chinese assignment of their level.

The program consist of 12 lesson and each lesson is made up of an hour. In every lesson, there will be a tune in/review session followed by reading, word recognition and spelling activities, a revision of semantic radical cards and consolidation and closure for the session.

This program aims to increase the visual memory through high frequency words of the teaching materials – articles from school reading magazine, school textbook and school worksheet/assessment books. Lessons will be conducted through structured, sequential and cumulative way to cultivate interest, build confidence and eventually settled into format and structure of formal assessment worksheet.

The lesson will be conducted through multisensory activities to cater to different learning style of the different students. Phonological, Pictorial, Word additional and subtraction, Semantic Radical games and activities will be utilized during lesson to enhance learning. The program believe that success is the key to motivation and learning must be a positive and rewarding experience, games and points reward system will be used to acknowledge and recognize students for their effort and improvement.

Group tuition is conducted in MCP Studend Care Centre.  Please contact us for the details.


本课程是一个华文基础班。专为初级者,一 或二年级在校生而设。本教学专注于阅读与增加词汇量为主来培养学生对华文的兴趣并赠予在级学生完成作业的能力。



课程将于多感官活动来应对不同学生的不同学习方式。教学过程会运用声调语音,图画法,加减法,偏旁法游戏与活动来增进学习过程。本课程相信动力是掌握语言的重要因素, 而学习需有正面并充实感因而运用分数积分法为给予学生的付出与进步的认可方式。

Our Tuition Classes: Primary 1 to 6 (Equipping Exam Skill leading to PSLE)

Tuitions are conducted in small group, max 4 students, so that our tutor could give good attention to every child.  1 to 1 tuition can also be arranged for student.  Please contact us for the details

Crush Course For Primary 1 to 6 / Secondary / JC

When a student prepares for an exam by their own effort, it’s the human nature that he/she will concentrate on those subjects or topic that they are familiar with. They may miss on area where their weaknesses lie.

Our crash courses are short term course, that is usually done a month before the exams. The main purpose of the crash course are to give overview of the subject within a short period of time. Understand the student weakest areas, tutor clarify their doubt and practice them through the past year exam series and mock exam set by the tutor. Contact us for further details.