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Data Protection in My Childhood Place Student Care Centre

GDPR protection

My Childhood Place Student Care Centre is a premium student care centre. Every aspect of our systems are managed or devised by professional partners. Our data production (GDPR) and internet security are fully taken care off by professionals.

Students’ and Parents’ privacy

No personal information is stored on our Web server, not even our student’s full name or their parents’ full names.  The only thing we keep about you is your registered email address for student portal access.

MCP Student Care Centre’s web page is hosted by an Asian leading web hosting company, well known for its security compliance. Our web is managed by professional IT engineers, which update all software in a timely manner. Strong firewall and virus protection are also installed to ensure security of our IT system.

Our portal and activity galleries are also password protected, and it’s limited to member access only. Parental permission has been obtained for any photos that appear on our website. We care about your privacy!

Isolated Intranet

Our intranet is isolated from the public internet   as an added security measure.

Our internet access is also installed with guards to avoid access from our students to accidentally connect to inappropriate web sites.

Be assured your personal details are safe with us.

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