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A Premium Student Care Centre In The City

MCP is a quality after school student care centre in a premium residential district surrounded by River Valley Road, Martin Road, Martin Place, and Mohamed Sultan Road.

Our students are from renowned local and international schools such as St Margaret’s Primary School, Alexandra Primary School, Radin Mas Primary School, River Valley Primary School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School.

We provide an alternative option to in-school student care centre with high quality curriculum with professional supervision from our teachers. Seeing our students achieve happiness in their childhood is our ultimate aim.

The story took place 3500 years ago in China.
Mencius was an itinerant Chinese philosopher, and one of the principal scholars of Confucianism.

Living close to a cemetery when he was a child, Mencius often staged the rites that he’d seen in funeral processions or burial services for amusement.  Mencius’s mother, MengMu, was distressed by this behavior and decided to relocate their home to a new environment.


They moved next to a marketplace. However, MengMu soon discovered that her son took pleasure in imitating the peddlers’ hawking.


 MengMu decided to move again. This time, they settled down near a school. Inspired by what he saw and heard, Mencius was naturally influenced by the courteous behavior of the teachers and students, and began to develop an interest in study.

Mencius was later to become one of the most influential scholars of Confucianism.



How could you use your financial advantage to create a head start for your children? Placing them in the right school, and providing them with the right study environment, would pave the way to their future success.

My Childhood Place (MCP) is a premium student care studio off River Valley Road.  Our students not only come from River Valley Primary School but also other prestige school such as Singapore Chinese Girl’s Primary School, Alexandra Primary School, St. Margaret Primary School and others international school.  MCP  has arranged school bus for our students to travel safely and conveniently from their school to our studio.