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Our Vision

We want to be lifetime friends with our students and their parents.  We instill right core values to the children which leads to unleash their potential of knowledge acquisition, hence leading to a better academic results and happier life.

Our Mission

♦ Bridging the gap between academic and humanity

♦ Instilling core value & impacting life skill to help children achieve happiness

♦ Helping parents to have more quality time with their children at home

Juliana Tham
Managing Director

MCP Student Care Centre Principal

We, at My Childhood Place Education Centre Singapore (Student Care Centre), feel that every child is unique not because of his or her limitations but because they have much more to offer than any other members of our society in future.

Taking this belief forward, I am passionate to work on helping kids to achieve happiness and getting themselves prepared to enter into the fast-moving society like Singapore.

I was graduated from the University of Aberdeen (UK) with a Master of Arts (MA) Degree.  Prior to my career in children education, I have more than 20 years of industry experience under my belt at higher management level.  These includes;

  • Directorate Secretary of Aberdeen (Scotland) Maternity Hospital.
  • Regional Business Development Manager, SCP Global Technologies, a world leading semiconductor company.
  • Manager of Education Department, National University Hospital (NUHS).
  • General Manager, a beauty salon chain with more than 20 outlets.
  • Director, Han Qiao Education Centre Pte Ltd.

All the above experiences, help My Childhood Place be professionally organized and systematically helping children to achieve better results.

Living and working in Scotland with many young mothers for 8 years, has inspired me to create an after school care centre for young children, which balance between morale teaching and emphasize on self-development rather than just academic success.


We are near to River Valley Road.  Our student care consist of students from River Valley Primary School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, Alexander Primary school, and also international school 

Why Choose My Childhood Education Centre

Student Care Centre Programme

We ensure students’ daily homework are completed and we do make an effort to inculcate a sense of responsibility and moral values in them.

We give personal attention and person touch to both parents and kids. With the constant feedback to parents, we manage to gain full trust from parents and ultimately parents can feel assure and they can fully focus and enjoy their work too.

Mostly children are very happy and enjoy spending time with us and we are able to make the learning curve is without giving fear and pressure to them. This is what the children are looking for.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers are very experienced in guiding children from all walk of life. They have many years of experience working in various Singapore Student Care Centre. We always receive good feedback from parents about our great teachers. We also do receive compliments from students about the teachers too.

We have both teachers and students in the good team and this make a great difference as compare to others.

Enrichment Classes

For those students who have foundation and wish to proceed  with some enrichment classes, we are the chosen one. We are able to change students’ mindset to overcome their obstacles in studying and enjoy a better lifestyle.

Enhancing Humanity and Core Values

Many a times especially in Singapore’s context, parents are very busy and committed with their work. They rarely have quality time to spend on cultivating children’s  behavior and moral values. We will work on each individual child as to spend time with him/her and to closely observe his/her character. We shall instill the appropriate teaching to children especially for those who are lacking in confident, for example the moral teaching will be able to bring him/her back to the meaning life.

1 To 1 Tuition

We conduct group tuition as well as 1 to 1 tuition individual tuition. Our experienced teachers are fully attentive to the students and by always extend warm and caring thoughts to them. This is a great motivation for the children to perform well in their studies. We always receive good parent feedback on our services and support.

Our Teachers

Grace MCP (450x600)


  • Bachelor of Commerce in Management (Murdoch University)

Grace has many years of tutoring experience for government schools from Kindergarten – P5 and international schools for English, Maths and Science.

She had engaged in ad-hoc assignments for tutoring “O” level English for expatriate, Business Commerce related topics for JC. Grace has one year experience of being a trainer and facilitator with MoneyTree Singapore for Primary and Secondary Schools in Singapore.

Grace’s teaching style is by explaining to the students the concepts in a concise way with examples and scenarios, asking the students questions to ensure they understand and repeat the concept again to ensure they fully understand. Grace is patient and encouraging to make the students feel confident and at ease during the tutoring session. She specializes in Mathematics.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language), Beijing Language and Culture University
  • Certificate in Early Childhood Studies (Basic Level)
  • Member of Toastmaster International

Sharon has more than 30 years of experience in tutoring Primary and Secondary school children on Chinese and Higher Chinese. She is patient, observant and caring towards her students. She strongly believe in the importance of character education,  thus she will always use text materials during Chinese lessons to emphasise on the good values to impart to the children.

  •  北京语言大学文学士
  •   儿童学前教育文凭(基础)
  •   国际讲演会资深会员

Sharon 为学生补习已经有30多年的经验,擅长教小学至中学的华文及高级华文。她是一位有爱心、耐心与尽责的老师,并深信品格教育对学生非常重要,她经常在教课之余灌输正确的道德观念予学生。

MCP student care centre English teacher


  • Masters in Education (Monash University)
  • London Teaching Certificate in Phonics & Creative Writing

Kristin has more than 10 years of tutoring experience for government schools from P1-P6 and international schools. Her experience covered many different schools syllabuses and has track records in helping students achieve their best academy results.

Kristin’s teaching style is nimble, observant, and responsive, always keeping an open mind about how to best engage her students and get them excited about learning.  She specialize in teaching phonics, creative writing in English and Mathematics.

MCP Student Care Centre Chinese Drama teacher

Iris (绣晴老师)

  • Master Degree, Chinese Language & Literature, Beijing Normal University
  • Member of Toastmater International

Iris has more than 20 years of experience in tutoring young adult and primary school children on Chinese Literature and Public Speaking.  Iris is enthusiastic in stage performance herself and love coaching young children in Public Speaking.
新加坡籍, 绣晴老师毕业予北京师范大学,汉语言文学硕士. 绣晴老师熱爱舞台艺术, 拥有丰富的表演经验。经常主办儿童口才培训班如:演讲,朗诵,讲故事等。

  • 国际讲演会活跃会员
  • 20年中小学教学经验
Student Care Teacher Mark

Mr. Mark Ooi

* Bachelor of Arts in Communications (University at Buffalo)

* Master’s in Applied Linguistics (TESOL)

Mark has previously volunteered at Hope Centre, guiding and teaching primary school students in English. He also has some experience in English curriculum writing.

With a passion for languages, and previous poetry contributions to a local webzine, Mark is currently pursuing his Master’s in Applied Linguistics at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. In addition to a willingness to be patient to understand how each student learns best, Mark understands the perspective of learning a new language from scratch through his years spent learning French.

My Childhood Place Student Care Centre Trainer for dyslexia students


Jenny is trained in counselling and various method to support children with language learning difficulties.  She is supportive and helping children to build their self-esteem and helping them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

Jenny is a committed full time Chinese tutor with many years of experience.  She hold a certificate in special needs and certificate in dyslexia for Chinese support.  In additional to tutoring children, she also do Chinese translation and scripting writing on moral education to primary school going children.

  • Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, School of Positive Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, School of Positive Psychology
  • Certificate for Special Needs, School of Positive Psychology
  • Certificate for Dyslexia for Chinese Support, Dyslexia Association of Singapore
Teacher Jenny 是一位拥有多年教学的全职华文老师。Jenny 持有特殊协助证书与读写障碍补助证书。此外, 也参与华文翻译与小学道德短剧活动。

Our Consultant Team

We do not work alone!!

As Singapore’s society becomes more complex, educating kids need methods to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century even during their primary school age. We have many friends who are successful personnel in their field, having a same vision as me, are willingly taking up their role as My Childhood Education Centre Consultant.

Our consultants vet our enrichment teaching materials and meet our student care centre’s teachers regularly to discuss about how to keep the kids knowledge close to the real world and yet achieve the balancing between learning and happiness in life.

My Childhood Place Student Care Centre Consultant. Joyce (PBM)
PA-FLC Award 2018

Joyce Tham (PBM)

A community activist and Licensed Marriage Solemnizer and PBM award holder, who is passionate and has a strong interest in volunteering her time in organizing activities that promote community interaction and Family and Child related activities/programs.

Under People’s Association – Family Life Champion – She organized a stream of activities, such as  Parenting Workshops, Parent and Child Profiling Programs, Learning  through PLAY PROGRAMS.

Joyce actively volunteered herself in many major roles in community organizations such as;

  • Queenstown CC Management Committee V. President
  • Queenstown Woman Executive Club—Committee Chairperson
  • Serangoon Sec School Alumni President
  • Serangoon Sec School Advisory Council Chairperson for 10 years.

Joyce helps developing our “Children Core Value” series and will  provide talks which will enrich our after school care program.