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 Location (Student Care Near River Valley)

My Childhood Place Student care centre (after school care) is situated at  Haw Par Glass Tower, 178 Clemenceau Ave, in District 09 (Off River Valley Road).  It is located near to Singapore’s Downtown Core Central Business District. The nearest MRT is Dhoby Ghaut station, which is 4 mins walking distance away.   There are ample parking space at Haw Par Centre, making it easy for parents to pickup their child in the evening.

There are a few renowned local and international schools in the vicinity. The primary schools here include River Valley Primary School, CHIJ Kellock Primary School, St Margaret’s Primary School, Zhangde Primary School, Newtown Primary School, Alexandra Primary School, Cantonment Primary School and Radin Mas Primary School.

Shuttle bus from My Childhood Place Student Care Center to MRT station

 Transportation (School Bus)

School bus service is a also available for our students from CHIJ Kellock Primary School,  St Margaret’s Primary School, Zhangde Primary School, Alexandra Primary School, Queenstown Primary School, Newtown Primary School, River Valley Primary School, Gan Eng Seng Primary School, Singapore Chinese Girl’s School, Cantonment Primary School and Radin Mas Primary School.  If your child is from any other nearby schools other than those listed, please contact us, we may be able to help.

 Our Students (International)

All parents care about their children’s peers, as they well understand how these peers can impact the building of their children’s character.

My Childhood Place Education Centre provides a diverse study environment.  Our students are from various schools and nationality: River Valley Primary School, Radin Mas Primary School, Alexandra Primary School, Stamford Primary School, ISS international School, Canadian International School, Singapore Chinese Girl School, Cantonment Primary School, St. Joseph Primary School and St. Joseph International School.

Nationality: Singaporean, Korean, Chinese, Austrian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Taiwanese and Canadian.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, studied around 4,300 sixth-grade (11- and 12-year-old) students of various racial backgrounds in the same middle-income economic bracket in California. Their findings, published in the journal Child Development, show that students in diverse schools experience more tolerance, fairness, and inclusiveness in the classroom than their counterparts in non-diverse schools.

A diversified learning environment gives students the ability to interact with people who share different customs and social expectations– a skill increasingly sought after by employers– and sets them up to become well-rounded, responsible leaders who can adapt to a constantly-evolving worldview.

International school students in My Childhood Place student care centre

 Our environment

No one can deny the importance of environment and it affects child study results.  Our interior designer and our consultant team have done much research to provide more than just a clean classroom.  Attention is paid to every aspect, such as wall decorations, lighting effects, relaxation, media usage, room music, seating plan and chair comfort – all are well taken care of.  Come visit us, and you will learn why children are reluctant to leave our centre at the end of each day.

 Give Your Child a Head Start

Most student care centres do fulfill the basic needs of the children, providing lunch, a place for them to rest, and encourage them to do their homework.  Our student care service does more than these basic services.  We focus on providing a conducive and premium environment with enrichment programmes designed to stimulate learning and character building.  All ours holiday activities are carefully plan and tie-up with premium and professional partners to give our students the best they could have.

All parents wish to give their kids a head start and pave the road to success in life, the No.1 thing they could do is to send them to a good school, provide good after school care and make sure they mix with right peers.  Come to talk to us, to find out what My Childhood Place Student Care Centre @ River Valley could offer you.

After School Care near River Valley

My Childhood Place Education Centre

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Our Popular Classes

7-12 Years Old (1 to 1)

Listening to your child (Moral & Character Building)

Please find out the schedule and the fee from the centre.

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7-16 Years Old (1 to 1 or Group)

Tuition For Maths, English, Chinese, and Creative Writing

Please find out the schedule and the fee from the centre.

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7-12 Years Old (1 to 1)

Enrichment Class & Crush Course for PSLE Examination

Please find out the schedule and the fee from the centre.

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What Parents Say

We set out in search of a centre that can take care of our children's homework and also improve and instill in our children the correct attitude towards people and things. That's because we believe that only children with the right attitude can go far.We finally made MCP (My Childhood Place Education Centre) our choice. During the three months of our kids' initial enrollment, we witnessed the fastidious care and  guidance provided by the teachers. The teachers strategised to carry out a series of astute plans to painstakingly guide the children towards achievements in academic outcomes while retaining the innocence and fun of learning at the same time.What we like of the centre are, the teachers' selfless sharing of the children's activities in the centre, their handling of the children's matters with utmost care, and their providing to the  children the space to use their imagination. This is invaluable.We see the changes in children, as their attitude becomes more serious than before. Every piece of  homework is handed in on time and they turn in perfect score for every dictation test all in the midst of the joy everyday  attending school. These are the gratifying changes we see in our children.We hope that MCP will continue to work hard, and our children can continue to grow in their academic pursuits and leave in their childhood beautiful memories! MyChildhood place education centre is a student care center serving River valley primary school and situated in the city centre pr我们一直想要找一个中心可以兼顾小孩的功课,也可以提高小孩们对人对事的正确态度。那是因为我们相信只有态度正确的小孩,才可以有能力走得更远。  我们选择了MCP。这三个月里,我们看到老师们的细心指导,老师们进行一系列的策略与计划,慢慢引导孩子们在学习上得到成果的同时,还保留那份童真和乐趣。 我们喜欢老师们无私的分享孩子们的日间点滴,认真的处理小孩们的事情,提供小孩发挥想象力的空间。这个是很难得的, 我们也看到孩子们的改变,比以往更加的认真。每每功课都准时交上,每每听写都是满分,每每上学都是开心的。这些都让我们感到欣慰的。  我们希望MCP继续加油努力,孩子们可以继续在学习上取得成长,让他们的童年留下美好的回忆!


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"Unlike most of other student care centres, Mychildhood Education Place Center actually teaches Chinese rather than just ensuring that homework is done, and makes an effort to inculcate a sense of responsibility and moral values in the kids. They also do calligraphy, arts and craft. I appreciate that there is personal attention given to the kids, and constant feedback provided to parents. It is a safe and conducive environment for kids to learn and unwind after school hours. My son certainly enjoys going there!"

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Student care help my kids to get their homework done as there is teacher helping to supervise and check their work. The teacher also helps Ethan on his spelling and he scored well in every of his spelling. The Chinese tuition that he had in the centre helped him improve his Chinese Vocabulary as well.

Claire Er

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What Happy Parents Say about us