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We are a family without a helper, therefore we needed to find an after-school student care centre that is near our place, and where our child will feel at home.

We are very happy to see that our daughter settled in quickly and enjoys her afternoons at My Childhood Place.

The centre uses an open concept, allowing children of different ages to mingle. The kids come from various primary schools, so it is altogether a very diverse social environment.

My Childhood Place is very well-equipped, and our daughter likes the teachers there. They help her prepare for her spelling and support her other homework activities. The staff also guide children to behave responsibly, which should help the children mature gracefully.

We are happy with the extracurricular activities as well. Our daughter goes for trampoline sessions; and during the recent holiday program she joined their baking class and had lots of fun.

Juliana is uniquely able to combine her love for the children with the meticulous running of the centre.

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