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School Holiday Program

School can be challenging for children. On top of actually going to classes, they have to deal with homework and attending tuition to improve their grades. They need some time off to relax and chill just like the rest of us. School holidays is an opportunity for parents make plans to help their child to relax and unwind from a school term.

At My Childhood Place Education Centre, we understand this and we are always looking for activities that can give students ways to relax, and also boost their academy study results.

Autumn Chinese bootcamp (2021)
Autumn Hiking (2021)
Summer Cooking Classes (2021)
Easter Science Camp (2021)

Easter Science Camp (March 2020)

Easter Science Camp – March 2020

MCP Student Care Centre make every school holiday memorable to our students.  It’s a wonderful Science Camp conducted by experience science teachers.

Fizz, Boom, Bang Science

Everything you want to know about chemical reaction! A lot of hands-on experiments and new knowledge.  One hour activity with experienced science teacher, fully hands-on for all kids.

Our World in 100 years

Everyone want to know how our world will look in 100 years.  Together with experienced scientist kids will travel in time and check several theories of future world development.

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Hawaiian Escapade on 6-7 June 2019

My Childhood Education Centre strongly believes that field trips are an enriching and engaging experience for all children as they teach the children about what goes on in the world outside of the classroom.   Read More……….

Spring Maths Camp (2020)
Year End Culture Camp (2019)
Summer Fun @ Dempsey (2019)

Many researchers have reported on their studies of the effect of trampoline benefits to young children. These studies include the study from School of Kinesiology, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Trampoline activity is believed to improve young children’s’ academic results due to the following benefits:

  1. Teaches persistence
  2. Improves self-esteem
  3. Effects learning success

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